Looking for that Unique Birthday Party for your child? Try a Snake Party! I have been in business since 2008, providing the best Hands on experience a kid could hope for! Learn about snakes from all over the world! Touch & Learn!
2018 Entertainer of the Year Award winner,
and in 2019 we were voted one of the Reader's Choice Award Winners in Fresno!
How much does a party cost?
 A reasonable $95 a party!

(Plus $10 per 1/2 hour drive time, for example:  S Fresno +$10, Madera + $20. Visalia + $40)

Also available for School shows, corporate picnics, Church functions, etc, with rates starting at only $199.
And Reptile Rescue
And the cost?
Are you tired of the same old boring Birthday Parties? Try one of my Unique Birthday Parties!  I bring a variety of snakes,  (all non-venomous of course!), I have a presentation time, where every kid gets to learn about and touch each snake.  Then we have picture/holding time.  I am usually there for about an hour, depending on how many kids, how interested they are, and how much other stuff there is for them to do.
Birthday Parties, School Carnivals, Vacation Bible Schools, Boy Scout Meetings, and more!

Todd The Snake Man's Unique Parties for Kids

Offering the BEST Hands on Experience a kid could Dream of!

Working with unwanted reptiles (snakes, lizards, geckos, turtles and such), we “rescues” them and find new homes for these unwanted critters with new families.  Most of the rescues are placed with families with kids (usually ones who can’t afford to purchase the set-up materials which can run into the hundreds of dollars), or with people who really love these animals, and can give the proper care for them.     Since 2008, “The Snake Man” has rescued over 1500 animals, ranging from a couple of little dart frogs, to a massive 18 foot, 125 lb, Burmese Python!  All were successfully re-habilitated and have found new homes with great people!